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As far as I know this procedure will work only with users of FrontPage 2000+
This setup allows you to display any random sequence of pages in a popup window in all browsers.
Great for merchants, artists or joke pages like this.
(Idea - imagine if the page has an order link? A random catalogue.)

Each time you click the link above a random joke will popup for about 10 seconds and then go away.[ There are 92 in all -:) ]( PS. I don't write-em - I jest type-em! )

if you like this feature.


You make the Random Page Generator in three stages

- First you 'install the Jimco FrontPage addin for their Spawn function [a popup window generator, cross browser compatible]
- Make sure each of your page contains the timeout function.
- Next you populate the generator script below with the location and number of pages. Basically the Generator will become more random the more pages it uses.
That's it!

Timeout Function: 
If you want the page popup to go away after 10 seconds the BODY tag of EACH page to be displayed must contain the code:  
onLoad="setTimeout('self.close();', 10000);"
You can adjust the time.

Get the Spawn function here  
[This link will open a new window. Close after getting and installing the addin.]

Spawn must be added to your copy of FrontPage or none of this will work.

 Highlight the script below and copy/paste to the HEAD section of your working page
[This starts the spawn function]

Next is the Random Page Generator

 Highlight the page below and copy/paste it to a NEW page called random.html

random.html edit instructions

- change 'var howMany = 5;' to the number of pages you will be displaying [+1 as you're starting at 0]
- change parameter 'page[0-n]' to the location of the page[s] you want displayed. In my example the pages are in the same folder as random.html. Remember to keep the numbers sequential!

Now - To start it running
Insert this on your web page where you want the user to select your random pages.
Change '../random-jokes/' to the location of your random page generator.

Test locally before publishing to web to make sure all the links/scripts are working.
Good Luck!

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