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Change, Modify, Maintain Your Web Site

We will maintain your web site at a reasonable cost.
Most web sites require changes now and again.
New products, updates to advertising, price changes, to improve internet visibility, to increase hits.

We can make these changes for you at a low cost.

Charges for Website Services (Canadian Dollars $)

Starter Site - Home Page $249
Additional Page $175 each
Sub-page for photo or other graphic without text or links $65 each
Custom form (filled in by visitor and delivered to you as an email) - 10 items $150
Changes to existing web page content (text, graphics, tables, format, meta tags) $65 / hr
Custom graphics work - modifications to a image $65 / hr
Scan image - photo, brochure, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) $25 each
Custom programming CGI, JavaScript, Database, Flash $150 / hr
Add search capability to your site $50
Image Map (5 links) $100
Image Slicing/Hotspot Links $65 / hr
Credit Card Processing Starting from $500

Payment - 50% on ordering, 50% upon completion
Payment Options: PayPal with secure Credit Card processing, Certified Check

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