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Here we show a number of templates in different colors that you can use 
if you want a "COMMON LOOK" across all of your website
The Templates are available with Left or Right side Menu Bars
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Logos, Photo Enhancement, Animations, etc.


We also have a variety of interesting page backgrounds which can be customized on request.
See some examples:   
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see what happens when you explore?


Ever wonder how web sites round their table corners?
Well, this is how it is done.

Basically - all of your content [this content] is contained within a table that has 4 rounded corner images and which expands to the size of your content. If you want the source for how2do this just follow the instructions below.

- Just click Highlight All below and copy/paste the code to your editor. I left some comments there.

- Right-click on each corner of this table and copy the image to your website's image folder.

 I displayed the table borders so you could see the effect. (and find the corners) Set borders back to zero before using 

- Change image locations in the table to the folder you saved the corners in.

- Change background color/text as desired. 

Corner images [need to be?] should be same color as background of the table. It's your call.

- Corner images stretch with table size.  No need to resize!



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